Travel Assistance

Protect your health, your family, your belongings, and your money with a travel assistance plan.

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    This travel assistance plans provide protection during a round trip. The validity could go up to 120 days overseas.

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    Our long stay plans are perfect for those travelers who want to enjoy a long journey overseas. If you travel for studies, pleasure, work or any other purpose for 60 days or more up to one full year this fits your needs.

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    The Students Plans protects them overseas complying with most requirements imposed by the universities and colleges abroad. But also could be used by relocated employees and long term work stay.

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    Annual Multitrip plans are designed for those who travel frequently. These types of plans will protect you on every international trip you make during a calendar year.

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    Traveling on a cruise is actually more and more frequent, but this usually involves traveling to the port of departure overseas, flying there, staying in the city of departure a few days before the cruise, then traveling by sea and return home.

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    This plan protects you especially in those trips that comprise different elements, like airline tickets, lodging, tours, circuits, cruises, in short diverse elements acquired from a tour operator or travel agent ...


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Do you have an emergency?

Follow these steps

  • Medical Emergency

    In case of a medical emergency due to an accident or sudden illness during a trip abroad, contact our Emergency Center immediately, and within the first 24 hours of the event.

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  • Loss or Delay of Equipment

    In case you arrive at your international destination do not find your luggage, in the baggage room go to the airline representative and demand that they send you a form of report of loss called "PIR" and report it immediately to the Emergency Center within the first 24 hours.

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  • Other Emergencies

    In case of any emergency other than health or luggage issues, immediately report within the first 24 hours with the Continental Emergency Center to request relevant assistance.

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